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""Working with Kara, I have transformed from somebody who was naive and unaware of their place in the world to becoming, not only acutely aware of myself, but someone with a voice who can create the life I want to live.  Kara has helped me become me.  I'm confident in my capabilities, stronger and resilient in the ups and downs. She's been a pillar of strength to me and I'm so grateful to have had her be part of my life journey." I


"I’ve worked with Kara over the course of a year and can truly say I’ve changed my way of thinking.  I’ve changed from being really self-critical to feeling more positive about myself and my ability." S
"I chose to see a counsellor to help me with my anger and I really have taken away a better understanding of why I felt angry all of the time.  I’m now more in touch with my emotions and able to tell people what I need." S
"A work situation left me feeling deeply traumatised and unable to express to anybody how I was feeling and after being promoted I felt I had nobody to turn to.  Lockdown made me feel really alone and I didn’t want to burden family and friends.  I am so grateful for having the space to be able to work through how I felt."  J

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